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Jon Nordby <jononor gmail com> wrote:
CC'ing the GEGL mailing list, since there may be others interested.

On 2 July 2012 20:24, Isaac Wagner <isaacbwagner gmail com> wrote:

My name is Isaac and I'm a GSoC student this year working on a graphical
node editor for gegl. I recently replaced my own dirty rendering method with
gegl-gtk and it was much more convenient than what I was doing, but still
seems to suffer from the key problem which originally lead me to gegl-gtk:
nodes with infinite bounding boxes (such as gegl:checkboard) completely
devour memory when attempting to render and never actually do succesfully
render. So my question is: Is there some hidden functionality for
intelligently handling infinitely-bounded nodes in GeglGtkView? If not,
would you accept a patch implementing such functionality (or even give me
access to the gegl-gtk tree so that I can commit the functionality myself)?

Hi Isaac,

glad to hear gegl-gtk was useful to you. I will try to check our your
node editor work soon.

What exactly is the issue with nodes with infinite bounds? I have not
tested myself. Rendering of gegl:checkerboard sounds like some that
should just-work, so I'd be happy to accept patches if it does not.

I think the problem here is that a program like this:

    #include <gegl.h>
    int main (int argc, char **argv)
      gegl_init (&argc, &argv);
      GeglNode *a = gegl_node_new ();
      gegl_node_set (a, "operation", "gegl:color", 0);
      gegl_node_process (a);

does not terminate. It creates a single color node and tries to
gegl_node_process() it.  But because the color node produces an infinite
(virtual) image, the process node needs an infinitely long time to
process it. Or at least this is the way i understand it. In its way,
at least it is logical.

I think the problem here is not the process functionality, but the API;
the function gegl_node_process() does not have an error return value,
so it practically must not fail, and so it has to take the long path
of processing for all eternity (or until it runs out of  memory, whatever
happens first).

If you have commit access to GEGL, you should have commit access to
gegl-gtk. You can create a branch with proposed fixes there and I'll
have a look.

I also have some interest in implementing the background node rendering (or
using someone else's implemention) that I saw mentioned in the comments. It
would be nice to show a checkerboard underneath alpha transparency in the
node previews in my editor.

Background rendering should already be possible by connecting to the
GeglGtkView::draw-background signal. See for instance
examples/c/gegl-gtk-paint.c in the source tree



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