[Gegl-developer] GIMP and GEGL projects for GSoC2012 announced


We are excited to announce that we have five students to work with us
on improving GIMP as part of the Google Summer of Code 2012 program.
All the students will be contributing to faster transition of GIMP to
GEGL, our new advanced image core.

The plan for the summer is:

- Maxime Nicco and hanslo will port GIMP filters to GEGL operations.
- Ville Sokk will port other GIMP features to GEGL.
- Isaac Wagner will create a GEGL-based node compositor that will
serve as playground for GEGL development.
- Mikael Magnusson will create a Unified Transform tool.

In the past years Google Summer of Code has proven to be a great
source of contributions. We wish our students success and, above all,
a lot of fun while making GIMP a state of the art image editor.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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