Re: [Gegl-developer] Using GEGL on GIMP


all these "use gegl" menu items will not be in 2.8,
i forgot to disable them in the RC.


On Thu, 2012-04-05 at 16:40 +0800, Zhang Peixuan wrote:
Hello All,
     I tested GEGL-0.2.0 on GIMP 2.8-RC1, I change some code for


gimp_operation_tile_source_prepare (GeglOperation *operation)
   GimpOperationTileSource *self = GIMP_OPERATION_TILE_SOURCE (operation);
+  const Babl *format;
+  format = gimp_bpp_to_babl_format (tile_manager_bpp (self->tile_manager),
+      self->linear);

   if (self->tile_manager)
-      gegl_operation_set_format (operation, "output",
-                                 babl_format ("RaGaBaA float"));
+      gegl_operation_set_format (operation, "output", format);

I think it will make the GIMP faster when using GEGL.

     And My questions is that: I found it only does one CL color conversion
(when data in), but did not do the other conversion (data out), I don't
know why, who can check it?
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