Re: [Gegl-developer] Integration of GSOC2011 work in GEGL


Here is the status of the work I did during the Summer and that hasn't been merged yet.

Branch soc-2011-warp:
- a hacky cache operator for the GIMP warp tool undo system:
  * not tested yet
  * no need to urge since it won't be in GIMP 2.8 anyway.

- Copy-On-Write for gegl_buffer_dup:
  * see

- an attempt to make the nearest-neighbour works with format_n buffer:
  * not tested yet
  * should be extended to the linear sampler
  * bug is here

Branch abyss:
- the abyss policy, renamed to repeat mode, ie how samplers behave when asking for data outside the buffer extent
  * sampler call graph is here:
  * all the functions have been modified except gegl_buffer_iterate

I don't have much time at the moment because I'm working on a time expensive project with my school, but I will end this one day or another if no one did.


2011/10/30 Jon Nordby <jononor gmail com>
All the work in the operations porting project has been merged
already. For the rest there is work that is not yet in master. What is
the plan for integrating it? What needs to be done and who is going to
do it? Where is the status of this being tracked?

Jon Nordby -
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