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On 01/17/2012 12:22 PM, Michael wrote:
> Hello,
> Since a few months now i have a little problem. When i open gedit i can see the cursor as usual, but as soon as i switch to another Workspace and back, the cursor is no more visible. Anything else is ok, but it's kind of editing in the blue....
> Since gedit is the only application which shows this behavior, i assume it is not an Windowmaker bug.
> This is gedit 3.2.6, daily updated Debian/GNU/Linux Sid, with Windowmaker Session (which is also the Windowmanager) but with gnome-settings-daemon running. Theme is Advaita and i tried several gedit color schemes but it does not seem depend on that. The behavior also exists w/o gsd, i.e., without any theming.

This has been happen for years, though I see it happening more often in
since gedit 3.n using Unity. I doubt this is a gedit issue since it does
little to manage the text view. The bug might be in GtkSourceView or

I think this is bug
but I believe the issue is much older.


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