Re: [gedit-list] Recent changes to Gedit

Nacho, Mr Watts

Please excuse my late reply. I had some palaver with my computer that
led, in a painfully roundabout sort of way, in an OS reinstall and a
reversion on my part to Ubuntu 10.10.

This OS does of course come with the prior version of Gedit so both my
complaints have been resolved. The date insert is back as it was and
the search is behaving in its good-old fashioned, club-fisted manner:
just hit the return repeatedly to get through the found results!!!

I do of course see the potential advantage in using the arrow keys to
search up and down for text, but having used it for a number of months
without overcoming my frustration I could only conclude either that I
was stubborn or stupid or that there was something distinct about
writing in English rather than, say C++, that was more suited to the
old search. A word is less likely to be repeated as often in a written
text as is perhaps a variable in a computer program, and there might
be less need when editing text to search up and down to see where a
repeated instance of a phrase might reside in relation to other
phrases. Writing does tend to be more linear.

I'm not likely to upgrade geddit again until coerced or persuaded.
It's been doing fine for me. But I would hope that any such radical
changes (and heaven forbid anything quite so radical as Unity) are
introduced as options for users to adopt if it suits them.


On 14 January 2012 06:54, M Watts <zwy648rct gmail com> wrote:
> On 01/14/2012 09:30 AM, M Watts wrote:
>> date +%d/%m/%y %k:%M:%S gives 10/01/12 19:24:58
> Should be
> date +%d/%m/%y\ %k:%M:%S gives 10/01/12 19:24:58
> forgot the backslash!

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