[gedit-list] Dreamweaver style file locking

I am required to create lock files to keep Dreamweaver users out of files I'm editing. Currently, I create them manually. For instance, if the file is config.inc.php, I need to create config.inc.php.LCK in the same directory. That's all there is to it. It would be nice if I remember to put my name and email address in the lock file, but missing same does not seem to be critical.

When I'm done, I delete the file.

It'd be great to right click on the file in the file manager pane, and be able to create the lock file.

Has anybody done any plugins that work with the directory tree, that might be good to learn from?

I also am enjoined from adding to certain files outside of specific tags:
Here I may not edit
<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="head" -->
Here I may edit.
<!-- InstanceEndEditable -->
here I may not.
Wouldn't it be cool (for me) if I could create a plugin that would lock portions of the file outside of those magic tags?

I'm a pretty fair Python programmer, but I am kind of lost in the Gedit model. Any suggestions on how to get started?


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