[gedit-list] gedit 2.30.4 on OSX 10.7

Hello gedit developers,

sorry to bother you, but I tried to use gedit on OSX 10.7 (Lion)
and I ran into serious issues.

gedit 2.30.4 (stable) for Mac is unusable on OSX 10.7: window resizing
does not work and sometimes it crashes the application too.
The window resizing issue is fixed in latest GTK+ versions, but gedit binary
from ftp.gnome.org dates back to April 2010 and it does not include the fix.
For example, banshee has a much more recent build (December 2011)
and resizing works as expected.

I re-compiled gedit 2.30.4 from sources, using jhbuild. Unfortunately,
gedit for Mac (2.30.4, and latest 3.2.5 too) depends on ige-mac-integration,
which no longer exists: it is gtk-mac-integration now.
I just replaced ige-mac-whatever with gtk-mac-whatever (patch attached)
and I came up with a working build.

My build does not have the window resizing issue, but it does not work well:
- gedit menu is not renderd properly: gtk-mac-integration has no replacement
 for ige_mac_menu_remove_app_menu_group() and
- UI is incomplete: some .PNG bitmaps do not show up;
- app does not start unless libiconv.2.dylib is in my home dir.
For sure I made some mistakes in my build, but I am not a GTK+ expert
and I do not know how to fix them.

Is it possible to have an updated build of gedit 2.30.4 for OSX 10.7?
I understand that gedit is not widely used on Mac and gtk-mac-integration
is deprecated too, so I do not expect much here: just the good old gedit 2.30.4
properly linked against ige-mac-integration and the latest GTK+-2.

If this is not feasible, can I at least have sources of old ige-mac-integration
so that I can try to port the missing functions to gtk-mac-integration?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide,

Ferruccio Fantozzi

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