Re: [gedit-list] Meta keys

At 20:06 +0100 12/18/11, miguel camacho wrote:
>How might I type meta keys in GEDIT such as \ and #.

What's the matter with the keyboard keys?

# means a comment in a lot of programming languages

\ is used as an escape to make a special meaning for the next character in many scripting languages.

But neither one is special while it's in gedit. It's only when the text is passed on to some other software.

It is common in compilers and scripts to use \\ to get an actual \ character.  You would have escaped the escape character.

What's really fun is trying to execute a bash line in AppleScript.  AS processes the escapes first and then passes the re-configured line to bash so to get a real backslash character you need to escape the escape characters twice like:   \\\\

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