[gedit-list] gedit developer plugins gdp-2.28.0 (0.2) released.

gdp-2.28.0 (0.2): UI and stability improvements

This release improves the user experience of the four plugins:

    * The Multi-file find and replace panel and style and syntax panel were
      repositioned to the side. The side panels are more likely to be open and
      it is easier to read line numbers in the panel and see the line numbers
      in the documented at the same time.
    * Syntax completion is now available from the Tools menu. If the syntax
      completer detects a syntax error, it will signal the Format plugin
      to show the Syntax and style panel.
    * Search results can be saved to file. The panel saves your previous
      entries so that they can be repeated.
    * The Bazaar plugin supports all the bzr-gtk GUI functions, notably you
      can create new branches and perform checkouts.
    * Multiple files can be checked for syntax and style issues.

There are some implementation/build issues that were resolved:

    * The XML checker uses the standard python library, no additional
      installations are needed.
    * Snippets and external tools were removed -- they were not useful for
      general distribution and they could overwrite person snippets and
      tools :(

For developers there is an autogen.sh to build the project from source.

See screenshots at http://curtis.hovey.name/gallery/Sinzui/gdp-2-28-0
Get the tarball at https://launchpad.net/gdp


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