Re: [gedit-list] Undo button

Hi Jon,

This is/was a know bug in gtk+ and has recently been fixed and released in gtk+ 2.18.2. Note that you can of course always not use the button, but rather the Ctrl+Z shortcut (if you can't upgrade for some reason).


Jon Neal wrote:
I was recently using the version of gedit shipped with Ubuntu 9.10 and
noticed when I click the undo button I have to move the mouse again to be
able to click the undo button again. If I do not move the mouse after
clicking the undo button the button is unclickable/disabled. Just wondering
if this is a bug or if there is a way to change this as it is a pain to undo
a lot of changes through clicking that button, having to constantly move the
mouse and click. (I did not test this with the redo button)




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