[gedit-list] GtkSourceCompletion

Hi all,

	I'm looking gtksourcecompletion changes and I don't like the "place"

gboolean gtk_source_completin_show (GtkSourceCompletion  *completion,
                                    GList                *providers,
                                    const gchar          *criteria,
                                    GtkTextIter          *place);

I don't know why you want to pass a "place" iter. The place will be the
"insert" iter in the most of cases and, if you would like to set the
position in other place, the usual places are centered on view, centered
on screen, on top, etc, but (IMO) not another GtkTextIter. 

What do you think? It will be cool if we can set the popup position
centered on screen or view :)  (to complete things like the open/recent
documents, symbols "goto" etc.)


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