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Thank you for your interest and sorry for the (very) late reply...

Doug McNutt wrote:
But programming by experiment is at best dangerous and I need some answers to keep me out of trouble:

1. Is the XML file that is perl.lang documented anywhere? Is it part of gedit or some other operation? It does not seem to reside in a location owned by gedit.

It is documented here:

The lang files are owned by the gtksourceview library as it is it that provides the "syntax highlighting" widget to gedit. As an extra bonus fixing the lang file might fix the bug in other editors like anjuta as well ;-)

2. Are the regular expressions precisely the same as those in perl's Camel Book? If not where are they documented?

I bet they are not because I never read the "Camel Book" (I actually didn't even know it existed before now). I based myself mostly on man pages when writing that lang file.

3. I can't compile gedit yet on my 64 bit ubuntu box but I can read code. Can I have a pointer to the source file that reads the perl.lang file? It is part of gedit or is it really part of the Gtk? Has anything changed in 2.26 that relates to this problem?

You shouldn't need to compile gedit yourself. The lang files are read at runtime.

4. When is perl.lang read? Can I keep gedit running while I use gedit itself to edit the language file and test in another window?

I'm afraid you will need to restart gedit to check the changes...
BTW you can put custom lang files in ~/.local/share/gtksourceview-2.

5. Is there a place where I can find a structured list of dependencies that will help me prepare ubuntu for compiling gedit on my 64 bit machine? The errors go by so fast that I just can't seem to get everything I need and one-at-a-time builds are not getting me there.

# apt-get build-dep gedit

Steve Frécinaux

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