[gedit-list] Feature request

Hello -- I recently entered a feature request and was redirected to this
mailing list. If this is the wrong address, please advise. Thanks.

The feature I was looking for is a line spacing option in Gedit's
preference dialogue.
Specifically, 1.5x or 2x.

Reason: I frequently print documents to paper for editing, and a bit of
room for inserting text, notes, etc, between the lines is desirable.
I realize this can be accomplished by double tapping the enter key, but
usually I write without line-breaks, depending on the editor for a
carriage return. Double spacing is a feature most often found on word
processors and not on desktop editors, but I use Gedit to write markup,
articles, etc, because it's light, quick and uncomplicated. It's also
very reliable. If this is a complicated issue, don't hesitate to 'file'
the idea.


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