Re: [gedit-list] Ctrl-End kbd shortcut broken after remap

On gio, 2007-03-08 at 16:29 +0000, russ knight wrote:
> My Lenovo laptop keyboard stupidly doesn't have
> Home/End keys (unless you press the awkward Fn key
> first), so xmodmap'ed the rarely used PrtSc and Pause
> keys to be Home and End. The newly mapped Home/End
> keys work like a charm in all applications, except for
> one problem:
> The Ctrl-End shortcut (i.e. go to the end of the
> document) does not work in gedit. This keyboard
> shortcut works fine, for example, in OpenOffice... and
> the Ctrl-Home shortcut (i.e. go to beginning of
> document) works fine in gedit. Furthermore, 'xev'
> correctly reports that Ctrl-End is being pressed.
> Any ideas what could cause this bizarre Ctrl-End
> behavior that only appears in gedit?

Absolutely no idea, sorry :)

Does it happen only in gedit or also in other apps that use GtkTextView
widget? (gtk-demo, sticky notes applet, tomboy and many others)

> Thanks.
> Russ
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