Re: [gedit-list] External plugins patch and project management plugin

Hi Jesse,

I will start creating the wiki webpage with some documentation and
usage screenshots.

However Paolo posted some comments on bugzilla, and I would like to
wait for his input regarding my usage of the "Shell Output" bottom
panel before I upload the first version of the plugin to the public.

I saw your comments concerning a CVS/Project Management plugin, so I
can imagine you are also interested in this feature.

If possible I would appreciate it if you could download the plugin
(along with the patched version of the "external tools" plugin) and
test it out yourself. I used extensively the SVN backend of the
plugin. In fact the whole development of the plugin was done using
gedit and the plugin itself was a project of the project mangament
plugin hosted on SVN. However, I didn't have an opportunity to test
the CVS backand so extensivly (although I did try every operation at
least once, but always on dummy repositories I created to test the

Alex Cornejo

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