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chuchi wrote:
Hi all,

    Have you seen scribes[1] editor?? I'm looking this editor and looks
like a very interesant editor. We can take some ideas from it. In the
web you can see some screenshots and a movie. It have boorkmark icons in
the line number bar (I suppose that gtksource come with it soon) and
autocomplete words. The other features are in gedit too (snippets
plugin). I'm surprised by the bookmark icons.

We can incorporate autocompletion in gedit. Gedit autocompletion plugins
don't woks fine at all. Perhaps i've not choose the correct plugin that
you use. If you know an autocompletion plugin that remember the writed
words and show a list with them for select and insert, tell me,
please!! ;)
Hi chuchi!

You're right, that editor is quite nice. I'm currently writing on a more complex autocompletion plugin for gedit: an autocompletion for C functions. It parses the headers you include in your source recursively and keeps track of them - without much cpu load, of course. I plan to arrange this like an engine with exchangeable backends - each for one language. The C backend is almost complete. And I can take the LaTeX backend from my LaTeX plugin.

Compared to this, the word completion is quite a simple task ;) it'll form just another backend.

At the moment I'm occupied with my studies but I'm going to file the code under "AutoCompletionPlugin" at in a few weeks or so.

What do you think about?



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