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I'm not sure this is the right list, but in any case, here goes... 

I am trying to spruce up LaTeX syntax highlighting. The gedit LaTeX
plugin is shaping up really nicely (thanks Michael!) so it only seems
fitting to improve syntax highlighting.

However, I am unclear as to how to achieve a couple of effects that are
common in other text editors (e.g. Kate, Textmate, Emacs, etc.).
Consider the commands:


where "environment" could be e.g. theorem, or abstract, or even document
(suppose I don't care about these differences just yet). Right now this
is highlighted as follows: "\begin" appears in light brown, and
"{environment}" is in black (i.e. default style). Kate uses dark blue
for "begin" (and "end"), and red for "environment". This is much easier
on the eyes.

There are many other examples: e.g. \section{title}, where "\section"
could be green and "title" could be black but perhaps bold, or
underlined, or a different shade of green. My favorite "use case" would
actually be "\ref{...}" and "\cite{...}". 

IN general, the objective is not to have fancy garish colors---I find
that distinguishing between \begin and the actual environment name, or
\ref and the actual label name, etc., really helps usability. One could
always turn all these things off in Preferences, of course.

How do I define this kind of behavior? Is it at all possible with the
current gtksourceview? Am I missing something basic?

Thanks and sorry for the lengthy message.

Marciano Siniscalchi     Ph  (847) 491-5398
Department of Economics  Fax (847) 491-7001
Northwestern University

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