[gedit-list] Meaning of match-empty-string-at-*?

What exactly is the meaning of the match-empty-string-at-beginning/end
in the keyword-list element of gtksourceview .lang files? I'm trying
to match words on the form $identfier, this works but I'm unsure of

<keyword-list _name = "Builtins" style = "Others" case-sensitive="TRUE"

Does match-empty-string-at-beginning="FALSE" means that there should
be no spaces/tabs between the beginning-regex and the keyword? Is
there such a thing as end-regex? Otherwise, what function does
match-empty-string-at-end have and what's the correct value for it in
this case? Both true and false appear to work.

Is there a more efficient way to achieve the match I want?

Also is there a way to indicate what part of a regex match I want
highlighted. For example I would like type names (int, string, void,
etc.) to be highlighted if and only if the appear after a colon (:)
but I don't want the colon to be highlighted.

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