[gedit-list] [Feature Request] Code Block Display and Selection


Just a small feature request.

Is there any chance you could block display for code editing in Gedit?
I'm currently using Gedit for PHP and Javascript coding, and I really
miss this feature, since it really helps in managing classes and
functions in the code.

Kate does have this one, but there's no chance I'm gonna install all K
and QT dependencies just to have block display.

Another good thing would be to be able to select whole blocks in a
nested way, perhaps by showing the different blocks in a cascading way
in a bar at the bottom (like the DOM inspector in Firefox). If you've
ever used Dreamweaver in code editing mode you will know what I mean.

Something like this (in case it's HTML):

<body> <div #main> <div .entry> <span .title>

And if you click on any of these "buttons", you could automatically
select all the blocks that they contain.

I hope I made myself clear. I believe these additions would enhace
Gedit a lot. Perhaps the best way is to make them through a plugin, am
I right?


Aardvark - http://aardvark.cl/
Desarrollo Integral de Aplicaciones Web.

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