Re: [gedit-list] new generic class browser plugin

Frederic Back wrote:
> Hello,
> I started to write a new class browser plugin for gedit, this time a
> generic one for any language or mime type. 
> The default parser is based on exuberant ctags, but the plugin allows
> you to extend it by adding parsers for certain mime types. I plan to
> integrate my python class browser into this API, for instance.
> A very very preliminary version can be found here:

I didn't look to it yet but it would be great to have such a plugin in
la gedit-plugins. Don't hesitate to come on #gedit to discuss it's
architecture and so on ;-) In particular I have some desiderata and
requirements about that plugin so, please, come :-)

> Cheers, and congratulations to Italy!

I was for Germany ;-)

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