Re: [gedit-list] Pronouncing gedit

Rebecca Smalley wrote:
Hi all

I am writing from Linux Format magazine. We are featuring gedit in our HotPicks section this month, and I was just wondering if you can tell me how it is pronounced. Is it "geddit" or "gee-edit"?

Hi Rebecca,

    I am happy to see gedit featured in your magazine!

Both me and Paolo Maggi (the main author) pronounce it with a soft g, something like "jedit" because by default in italian the letter "G" is pronounced like in "George". However I know that many of our english users pronounce it with a hard g, like in somewhat like "get it"... In fact the GNOME screen reader pronounces it "get it" and it took me a while to understand it was talking about my favourite editor the first time I heard it :)

We are not picky about how you pronounce it, so chose your favourite... we are however picky about how the name is written, which is "gedit", not "Gedit" or "gEdit" or "GEdit" ;-)



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