[gedit-list] problem with opening recent files

I'm currently using Gedit 2.8.3, but this is a problem I've had for a
loooong time already IIRC.

I don't know about the list of recently opened files in the "File" menu,
but when I press the arrow near the "Open" button (in the toolbar), I
have the following problem: files which contain special chars (like
foo'bar.txt) get splitted up. Actually, I only know the problem from a
file with a ' in it, so I don't know for other special chars.

I open foo'bar.txt.
I close Gedit.
I open Gedit again and open the same file from the arrow button - all is
I close it again.
When I open Gedit again a while later (maybe a few reboots later - no
idea what influences it), and hit the arrow button I see this:

Also, I just opened /mnt/windows/Documents and
Settings/UserName/Desktop/xyz.txt. I closed the file (not Gedit I think
- just the file), and tried to open it again from the arrow button. I
got a message telling me it couldn't open

Of course, this isn't a huge problem - but it's annoying nevertheless.
Any ideas/suggestions? Or should I just file a bug report?

Thanks for this awesome editor,

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