Re: [gedit-list] [PATCH] Ctrl-Tab/Ctrl-Shift-Tab to move between tabs

Paolo Borelli wrote:

Hello Dave,

	nice to see you jump in with a patch :)


From a code point of view the patch seems ok to me (I just gave a quick
look though).
However as yourself noted, the patch conflicts with the accessibility
use of Tab, which is something we cannot afford.

I figured this would be the case...

I am also not really convinced by the additional menu items: switching
to the next tab can be accomplished by simply clicking the tab or by
using shortcuts (ctrl+alt+pgUp/pgDown), why would one want to use a menu
item? We try to keep menu items to a minimum to not clutter the UI...

I too am somewhat befuddled by my decision. I think I was thinking from a design point of view every keyboard shortcut should has some UI visibility. But I suppose the fact that you can click on a tab makes this moot :D.

Keep on hacking though, it's lots of fun :)

It sure is.

Thanks for the commentary!


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