Re: [gedit-list] Can't open a 2.6MB file

I'm using the Gedit packaged with Ununtu 5.04 (gedit 2.10.2) and I've managed to open text files as big as 138MB in gedit.

If line-wrapping is enabled it takes forever to open if there are long lines. But, killall gedit, disable line-wrapping, re-open file and I'm good to go.


Marc DM

Paolo Borelli wrote:

Il giorno mer, 24/08/2005 alle 17.39 -0700, Kenneth B. Hill ha scritto:
Is there a file size limit for a file that gedit can open? I'm trying to
open a 2.6MB size file, and it just "hangs" and I have to force quit it.
If there is a sixe limit for gedit, then can you recommend another gnome
text editor that can handle larger files? Thank you.

There shouldn't be any size limit, though opening very big files may be
a little slow and hang the interface for a while in the current
version , since the loading is done synchronously. However 2.6 MB
doesn't seem that big... I just tried a 1.3MB (the biggest I could find
in my /var/log) and it opened pretty fast without any problems.


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