[gedit-list] I too want a Software Patents Free Europe! And you?

    I don't  know if you already  know the upcoming  danger in
the Internet and computing world.
    Certain  economical sectors  are lobbying in  the European
Parliament  to achieve the  approval of the  Software Patents.

    Don't you  know  what they  are? Do  you think  they won't
damage   you?   I  recommend  you  to  take  a  look  at
http://EuropeSwPatentFree.hispalinux.es  to  get  some
information about them.

    We can still  do many things to avoid  the introduction of
Software  Patents in Europe,  but  above all  we need the help

    If you haven't done it yet, sign the petition against the 
proposal at EuroLinux.org, and support the FFII Call for Action, 
which proposes a clear response to the directive proposal on 
software patentability.

- I  too  want a Software  Patents  Free  Europe!  And  you? -
 EuropeSwPatentFree - http://EuropeSwPatentFree.hispalinux.es 

Paolo Maggi                      E-mail: paolo DOT maggi AT polito DOT it
Dip. Automatica e Informatica    Tel.  : + 39 011 564 7078 
Politecnico di Torino            Fax   : + 39 011 564 7099

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