Re: [gedit-list] Suggestions for gedit...

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Rob Stewart wrote:

> Hi,
>    gedit is my editor of choice and I was wondering if some of these
> suggestions have either made it into the latest version (1.0.2 I think)
> or if they're worth mentioning....
>    Add a key shortcut for 'Goto Line'.

I think we have this, but if we don't I will add it.

>    When the 'Goto Line' dialogue appears the previous line number (if
> any) should be selected so any new text will remove it. I hate having to
> delete it before having to type in a whole new line number. Make it just
> like the Search dialogue. (I've tried hacking this, but I only edited
> the window definitions by hand cause I'm not sure how I would do it
> correctly).

Sounds good to me.  I don't think we have this, but we might.

>    Could you also add key shortcuts for 'Previous Document' and 'Next
> Document' so the mouse isn't required.

The "unstable" branch of gedit (post-gnome-2 branch in CVS) has shortcuts
for choosing open documents.  I believe this feature will appear in the
version of gedit shipped with gnome 2.0.1.


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