Re: [gedit-list] Site update alpha

Hi Steve,

I took a quick proof of concept stab at PHP-izing headers and footers
on the site update:

Cool! Thank you very much.

The first time I connected I got weird colors (but it could be a connection problem, since I got timeout on the first try).

Here at home I'm using mozilla (RH 7.2) and the headers and footers font is too small.
The same for the font used in the sidebars.

I like the new logo.

Still much to do, including graphics and browser detection so we can
adjust style sheets for browsers. Pretty simple, really, but I won't
get to it again until next weekend.


Anybody have time to review the content a little more and conjure up
some docs and new help pages?

Download, Developer and Documentation sections are to be rewritten or updated.

Thanks again.


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