Re: [gedit-list] Re: patch for bonobo interface

Hi James,

Yup, I tested the exception stuff.  I have now added a getChars() method
and a getLength() method.

what about calling  getLength () getCharCount() like in gedit-document?

+static CORBA_long
+impl_gedit_document_server_getLength (PortableServer_Servant _servant,
+                                      CORBA_Environment *ev)
+        GeditDocumentServer *doc_server;
+        gchar *buf;
+        CORBA_long len;
+        doc_server = GEDIT_DOCUMENT_SERVER (bonobo_object_from_servant (_servant));
+        buf = gedit_document_get_buffer (doc_server->doc);
+        if (buf == NULL) {
+                return 0;
+        }
+        len = strlen (buf);
+        g_free (buf);
+        return len;

This is broken since it returns the number of bytes and not the number of chars.
You should use gedit_document_get_char_count

Please, could you split this patch into two parts: the CORBA stuff and the stdin one?

Please, fix the getLength problem and commit the CORBA stuff.

I have still to review the stdin part.

Thanks again for your patch.


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