Re: [gedit-list] gedit developers recruitment


And here are some rough steps to follow:

1)  Get stable gnome2 on your system some way (packages, sources, etc.)
2)  Get gedit from CVS (instructions on page above)
3)  Write lots-o-code.  Send patch to Paolo, and he will review it and
possibly commit it to CVS.

I think we should add a new step in the process.
Before writing new code, it is better to speak with maintainers in order to know if they like the idea you want to implement.
Or event better, ask the maintainer or the other developers for a task.
Normally, maintainers know better than you what the project is missing or which new feature should be implemented. Also, looking at bugzilla it is normally a good idea. Bug fixing is a very important task.

It is quite common for new hackers to have their patches bounced several
times before finally being accepted.  Don't be discouraged by it, it
happens to everyone (or was it just me?!!).  Most maintainers (esp. Paolo)
are always happy to tell you what they would like changed, etc.  Once you
get a better feel for the coding style and design of the project, things
will move more smoothly.

hehe... James (snorp) is a wise guy :-)

I'd like to add new item to the reading material list:

It is by Chema, the previous gedit maintainer (and my GNOME master ;-)


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