Re: [Geary] Impossible to read emails from my '' address

Thanks Michael for your answer.

Sure I can create a bug report, here it is:

Additional information: when I try to create the accound from gnome accounts, it provides an error about the fact that the server "doesn't accept PLAIN request"...

Thanks again,


Le 17/09/2019 à 02:33, Michael Gratton a écrit :
Hi Salvatore,

On Sun, 15 Sep, 2019 at 15:13, Salvatore via geary-list <geary-list gnome org> wrote:
I discovered Geary few days ago and it is really good. I managed to have my main email address working (in but impossible to read my email for my other address in ''. The error message is below. I could add the account, Geary can show how many unread email are present but no emails in the message list.

From the error report you provided, it looks like the mail server isn't understanding a request that Geary is sending. This may be because Geary is sending a bad request (unlikely, but possible) or because the server simply doesn't support the request.

Can I ask you to open a new bug report for this in Geary's bug tracker <>, so we can look into it? Select "New bug" from the "choose a template" drop down and fill in the requested information.

It would be useful if you could attach a `geary.txt` log file per the directions under: <>. Run Geary, wait for the error report to be displayed, then quit the app and attach the `geary.txt` file to the bug report.

I suppose the issue comes from the imap parameters but I could not change the port number. Here are the details provided by the email provider:

Those port numbers are the standard ones, so Geary just does the right thing and uses them by default. The app would have let you know when adding the account if there was a problem with that. :)


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