[Geary] Ubuntu PPA for Geary

Hi all,

First of all, much thanks for all the hard work on Geary! I am on an Ubuntu laptop as my main rig (along with Arch, Bodhi, and other Ubuntu/Debian boxes) and I run Geary exclusively to deal with my multiple e-mail accounts. It's really the only thing out there for Linux that truly serves my needs with remaining features like GPG support which I believe is already on the way.

Given all the reasons why Flatpak and Snaps haven't won over my heart yet which I won't discuss here, I for now, much prefer apt especially when it comes to software such as Geary that's so important to my daily usage. As such, I have put together a PPA consisting of packages for Ubuntu Bionic (v3.32.2|amd64) and Disco (v3.34.0|amd64) so-far for myself and also in hopes to make Geary more accessible for other Ubuntu users:

https ://launchpad.net/~hkdb/+archive/ubuntu/geary

I also plan to attempt at continuing to maintain this ppa at least until Flatpak becomes a bit more mature on Ubuntu. With that said, Here's my logic behind what will and will not make it over to the PPA:

  • The latest Geary release without any dependency issues on LTS amd64(ie. bionic right now does not have libhandy on its stock repo and therefore only gets v3.32.2)
  • The latest Geary release on non-LTS amd64 until EOS
Will NOT:
  • armhf
  • i386
  • ppc64el
  • s390x

Of course, those are not hard rules but as the efforts to maintain too many architecture platforms can be quite time consuming, I most likely will not be able to do more without additional help from others.

If anyone has any feedback about any of the above, please feel free to con tact me directly.


3DF Open Source Initiative
Mail: hkdb 3df io
Web: https://osi.3df.io

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