Re: [Geary] Server Settings Not Changing

Hi Ed,

On Fri, 6 Sep, 2019 at 03:17, edwardp null net wrote:
In Geary 3.33.2 (Fedora-supplied package), when I changed an SMTP server connection from StartTLS to TLS, the activity indicator graphic spun next to the Apply icon and continued to do so for a rather long period of time, when it probably should have saved the new setting immediately. When I selected Cancel and then selected the account again after a couple of minutes, the connection information still showed StartTLS, so on the surface, it doesn't appear to be saving any changes. The account was added to an earlier version of Geary.

Yes, clicking Cancel doesn't save the changes, that's by design. When you click Apply, Geary validates the settings by going off and connecting to the server to make sure they are correct. It will only save them after the validation successfully completes.

If it's spending a long time doing the validation, then there may be a problem with the updated settings. It really shouldn't take very long though, maybe 10-15 seconds. If it's taking longer than that, then there may be an issue with the process.


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