Re: [Geary] Bug? Excerpt fails if highlight doesn't include newline char

Hi Johny,

Since you're seeing a number of issues that all relate to communication between the main Geary process and the WebKitGTK process that renders the message bodies, I wonder if there is an issue there - perhaps the WebKitGTK process is crashing or perhaps the D-Bus connection between them is being disrupted somehow.

What version of WebKitGTK do you have installed?

If you run the command `journalctl | grep WebProcess`, do any results show up?

Also, can you verify that Geary's web extension is loaded correctly, by doing the following:

Run `ps ax | grep WebProcess | grep -v grep` and take note of the PID - the number the first column on the first and only line. If there is more than one line, ensure you quit other WebKitGTK based applications like Web and try again.

Then run the following command `lsof -p PID | grep geary` (replacing PID in that command with the PID obtained from the last command). Then paste the results here.

For example, here PID is 7802:

mjog@blanchefort:~/Projects/GNOME/geary$ ps ax | grep WebProcess
7802 pts/2 SLl+ 0:31 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/webkit2gtk-4.0/WebKitWebProcess 13 29
mjog@blanchefort:~/Projects/GNOME/geary$ lsof -p 7802 | grep geary


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