[Geary] Why Geary does not use EDS?

Dear Geary developpers,

I really appreciate the UI work done on Geary, congratulations!

Pardon my simple question, but I would like to know why Geary does not use Evolution Data Server (EDS).
The idea of EDS was to have a common backend shared by different frontends.
It works already for agendas (shared with e.g., Gnome Calendar) and contacts (shared by e.g., Gnome Contacts). From a user point of view, I like this because I can easily switch the frontend if I am not happy with it, without reconfiguring everything and duplicating the offline information. I imagine also that Geary devs could really concentrate on the UI work if they use EDS, and this is where Evolution shows its age.

Geary devs certainly have good reasons to make this choice, but I am just curious what they are.

Best regards,

F. Parrenin

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