Re: [Geary] Disabling Mark as Read Automatically

Hi Axel,

On Thu, 24 Jan, 2019 at 1:42 AM, Axel U via geary-list <geary-list gnome org> wrote:
Geary marks emails as read the moment the are selected. I have not found the ability to disable that in Geary. I would like to completely manually control marking a message as read. While a workaround is to mark a given message as unread again, it would be a nice preference setting to be able to disable the automatic mark as read all together.

In Geary > Preferences, there is the "Automatically select next message" pref, which if you unselect will prevent Geary from loading conversations when you change folders or archive/trash/etc a conversation. Would this by itself work for you?

If not, I'd be interested to know why you don't want email automatically marked read? It would help in designing the implementation. See <<>> for my current thoughts about it.


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