Re: [Geary] Account settings pane too long

I did it using the tab key once... ;)
I try to write short, functional emails.

On March 18, 2018 11:31:47 AM GMT+01:00, Taxiclette San <taxiclette gmail com> wrote:

I'm using Geary 0.11.3 on a Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Stretch). I have a HP-monitor (1261x800 pixels). When I open the account preferences, I can see the options until the word "Storage".  I can not move the window any higher. So I cannot create a signature...
It's of course partly due to Gnomes way-too-much-space inside and around buttons, the Fisherprice-look, taking up much of the screen space...

How can I reach those bottom options?

Thank you and kind regards,


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