Re: [Geary] Missing icons on buttons + Feature request

Thanks Micheal. I like Geary so much nowadays that on all systems where I do not need the enterprise capabilities of Thunderbird, I use Geary  : - )

As I already noted a few times, Geary has the most stunning interface I have ever seen. It is not 100% functional - maybe about 80% in terms of functionality. Considering that Geary intends to be a light-weight client rather than fully functional, this is very much acceptable. It is the visual styling of the interface that leaves me - and everyone I show (off ?) Geary  to - struck pleasantly enough.

Please do keep up the good work.

Manish Jain

On Sun, Apr 23, 2017 at 8:53 AM, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> wrote:
Hi Manish, On Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 12:54 AM, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> wrote:
Il giorno ven 21 apr 2017 alle 16:00, Manish Jain <bourne identity hotmail com> ha scritto:
I am running Geary 0.10.0 under FreeBSD (12-Current, amd64). Due to my previous setup being primarily experimental, I today had to delete all packages and reinstall them. Everything works okay, but there is an issue I am facing under Geary. It looks like I am somewhere missing a backend package, on account of which there are no icons on buttons in [HTML] messages in my email inbox. Would you be having any idea which package could be missing ?
Geary relies on icons provided by the theme defined in your desktop. For example, I'm using the theme Adwaita on Fedora/GNOME and the icons are provided by the package called adwaita-icon-theme. There's a discussion on this topic on geary-list, title "composer icons". GNOME mail archive is extremely slow at the moment...
As Federico says, Geary uses a number of stock icons from GTK+, especially in the composer, so it's important to have the right packages installed to have them show up. In particular, it uses symbolic icons, so you'd want to ensure the appropriate FBSD package is installed to provide them, perhaps adwaita-icon-theme and/or gnome-icon-theme-symbolic?
b) I further have a modification request. I don't know whether this has already been fixed in a newer release. If not, it could be considered to maintain a separate table of custom spellings that could be used to supplant the spelling definitions from the backend (enchant + en-hunspell on my system). Right clicking on mis-spelt could lead to a context menu of suggestions (already available) plus an option to "Add to list of correct spellings" (the new feature being requested).
If you don't get any feedback in this list, you may add a feature request on GNOME bug tracker (which seems very slow as well.. perhaps they are doing some work on GNOME servers)
The long awaited 0.12 release will contain some enhancements to spell checking, including the ability to learn and ignore specific spellings. I really need to get that release out the door! //Mike
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