Re: [Geary] Panels go over my screen

Hey Pétùr,

When you set the window parameters in dconf-editor, are you sure Geary was fully
closed? Geary only checks the dconf values at startup, so that might be the

Just to make sure: if you press the close button, Geary doesn't close, but
stays hidden in the background. A sure way would be to use `pkill geary`.

I tried it myself here, and got Geary at a very manageable size for most
screens with the following values:
* window-width: 800
* window-height: 300
* folder-list-pane-horizontal: 200
* messages-pane-position: 400

Kind regards,

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 7:31 PM, Pétùr <peturvilj gmail com> wrote:

On my two Xfce Debian Sid computer with Geary 0.11.3, I have a nasty bug
with window and panel size.

Geary starts with way too large panels and go over the limit of my
screen. I cannot resize panels (the one in the middle is blocking the
other). I tried  to start dconf-editor and reset window-height,
window-width, folder-list-panel-position-horizontal  and

But when I start Geary all these settings are set to wrong values.

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