Re: [Geary] Poll Results: Instant search vs single-keystroke commands

Il giorno mar 27 set 2016 alle 4:31, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> ha scritto:
For the next release at least, there won't be any change in Geary regarding Instant Search, but we should keep these results in mind. Perhaps in the future, making enabling SKCs a preference might be worthwhile: For most people, Geary would work like they expect, but for people coming from GMail or vim, we could actually improve our support for SKC, making the experience much closer to that of GMail's, so it's a win either way. Prefs do suck, since Geary should Just Work™, but this might be a good excuse for having one.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

I think that a preference makes sense in this case, as people may have different strong feelings about this.

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