Re: [Geary] Poll Results: Instant search vs single-keystroke commands

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for trying that out and writing up your thoughts.

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 10:26 AM, Stephen Michel <stephen michel tufts edu> wrote:

In the end, I think that there is a lot of value in SKCs if we provide them with proper support. I agree with Federico that this is one of the rare times when a setting makes sense. I don't know what the gmail shortcuts are (I don't use gmail), but if they have significant conflicts with vim (eg, if d isn't delete) I would (personal bias) make it a 3-option setting so we can support gnome, gmail, and vim shortcuts each to their fullest extent.

Yeah, I agree that the SKC's could use some love, and same goes for the traditional GUI shortucts as well - currently Geary has a mix of both and hence are kind of odd either way. Making SKCs a pref would enable both them and the traditional style to be cleaned up, but making it a three way pref is something of a slippery slope however - if Geary not only supports GNOME/GMail/vim, why not also Emacs (/me waives his own muscle memory flag), or or OSX, or CDE, or whatever else.

In the end we just need to work out what's worth supporting and sticking to that. Given the number of people who do use SKC's I'm loathe to take them out, so adding a pref to enable them and cleaning them up to make some more sense seems like the best way forward.


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