Re: [Geary] Poll Results: Instant search vs single-keystroke commands

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 10:26 AM, Stephen Michel <stephen michel tufts edu> wrote:
but if they have significant conflicts with vim (eg, if d isn't delete) I would (personal bias) make it a 3-option setting so we can support gnome, gmail, and vim shortcuts each to their fullest extent.

I'm wondering whether the keybinding system from GNOME Builder could be reused for this purpose? From a (very) quick browse of the source tree[1], it looks as though it should be easy enough to extract and re-purpose. There would, of course, be the pain of keeping this code up-to-date with the libide upstream, but the keybindings themselves seem to be plugins in their own right. Personally, I think pluggable key binds would be a fantastic enhancement to the broader GTK ecosystem, but for apps like Geary that are text composition oriented this seems like a particularly valuable feature. The number of times I've accidentally nuked an email because I tried to ^W a word is embarrassing :)

Failing this, I would agree with the general sentiment that SKCs aren't worth it. There's little point requiring people to learn a new set of keybinds for every application (I struggle enough as it is with Vim!) and custom Vim emulators are notorious for forgetting whole classes of movements, having idiosyncratic implementations of what functionality they _do_ claim to support, and adding a substantial maintenance workload. Builder's Vim emulation is also far from perfect, but it improves quite a bit with each release and using libide's keybind plugin system should make support for GMail etc bindings easier.

Thoughts? I'd be up for giving it a stab if people aren't totally opposed to the idea.


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