[Geary] duplicate emails and unread counts

Hi all

I have an email account (dovecot) where I often communicate with other people through an "alias email" (meaning that it forwards the emails to each of us). As everybody replies to all, when someone replies to me and the alias email, Geary is not able to count both (identical) emails as read.

In the left pane I see some unread messages, even if in the central pane there's no unread message. The only way to reset the unread count is logging into the webmail, where the unread messages are visible and mark them as read.

In a nutshell, Geary marks the thread as read correctly in the thread view (central pane), but it fails to sync with the server. I think.

Did anybody experience the same?
Should I open a new issue on the tracker?
Do you need a log file to debug it? (in this case I should send it privately to a developer)


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