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Hi Terry,

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1. Thunderbird out of the box allows me to create small mailing lists of friends held under a title which is then simply typed into the BBC tab in addresses and their email client then automatically enters the list of names under that title into the BBC window and sends my email to each of them. Can Geary achieve this effect in some fashion without having to manually select all the names each time?

I don't think Geary supports this at the moment. If this is a feature you would like, please file an enhancement request in the Geary bug database: <>

2. I often keep many of my emails in folders under the names of those I am communicating with for reference purposes. Evolution would crash and completely trash it's files totally losing everything in one shot. Whereas, Thunderbird does it differently, it simply starts dropping or deleting (generally older) emails randomly (so that you don't notice it happening) from my archived named folders somehow., and when I open a folder that should have a few hundred emails held in it to look something up...there might be only 2 or 3 emails living there!!! It's a very shocking feeling.

Part A: Is there anything like these kind of problems happening in Geary...can I rely upon it's record keeping? Part B: And is there a limit on how many emails I can retain in Geary's records on hand?

There is no known bug in Geary that would cause messages to be lost in that fashion, and the limit on messages in theory limited only by the speed of your computer and amount of disk space you have.

Having said that, Geary is still under development and not completely bug free, so I suggest you take that into account when considering whether to use it or not.

3. One of my searches revealed that the first use of Geary does not cause the entire database held by gmail since I acquired an account with gmail. What if I actually do want Geary to capture the whole thing so I can sort through it and regain all my lost records I want to keep? Is there a way to tell Geary to do that?

There is an option is the account preferences that determines how many messages Geary will download, ranging from two weeks back to everything. If you select everything, then Geary should download your complete email archive.

4. I am currently running Linux Mint 17.2 - Cinnamon on an 8-core AMD CPU. Can I run the new Geary version 0.10.0 so that I can handle multiple email addresses? My package manager shows only geary 0.6.0. So, I would need to compile 0.10.0?

I'm not familiar with Mint - maybe someone else on the list can help you out here?

However, if there is not a more recent package available, I suggest you contact Mint and ask them to upgrade the version they have, or else you may need to compile and install v0.10 yourself, provided your version can satisfy the required software library dependencies.


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