Re: [Geary] Starting geary minimized

Hi Frederik,

[CCing to the list]

Thanks a lot! I checked the option and found that it works (geary was open in the background).

@Devs: I think the option name "Always watch for new mail" is slightly unintuitive.


On Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 2:28 AM, frederik <frederik feichtmeier gmail com> wrote:

I am not a geary dev. But you can just check "always check for new e-mails" in the options to achieve exactly what you want.
(or atleast what I understood :) Sorry if I didn't understand it correctly)



Am Do, 29. Dez, 2016 um 6:04 schrieb Manas Thakur <manasthakur17 gmail com>:

I have been using devilspie to open (the awesomest mail client ever) geary minimized during startup in Fedora. However, Fedora 25 onwards, Wayland is the default, which does not support devilspie.

I found that there is an option "--hidden". But I am unable to understand its usage. When I supply "--hidden" as an argument from gnome-terminal, it still gets opened maximized. Further, how should I edit the .desktop entry?

p.s. The geary version on F25 is 0.11.2.


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