Re: [Geary] port to WebKit 2?

Hi Cassidy,

On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 5:33 AM, Cassidy James Blaede <cassidy elementary io> wrote:
I just wanted to chime in to point you to the work that has been happening in Pantheon Mail, the elementary fork/continuation of Geary.

I know that a native conversation view landed recently and I believe that included a WebKit2 port. Feel free to backport any of that relevant code, and if you see issues elementary would be more than willing to accept fixes.

Thanks for the heads-up! I knew about Pantheon Mail, but didn't realise you'd already fixed the Webkit1 dep.

I was having a look through ~tintou/pantheon-mail/native-view - looks like the approach is using a stack with per-message WebViews, which is approximately what I was thinking. Is that approach working out well? (I tried to compile it to test it out, but it looks like Xenial's version of Granite is out of date)

Also, it seems that branch made a bit of a departure from Geary's coding convention, with file names at least. Is that more in line with the Elementary coding style?
We should also probably talk about where elementary fits in with Geary's future plans. But that's another thread. :)

Yes indeedy, but where to do it? Is there a mailing list for Pantheon Mail we can CC in?


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