[Geary] Use "archive" feature need to raise money?

I have to admit I'm shocked by the following message (see below). Geary developpers ask users to pay for a feature (Archive for non-Gmail servers). This feature is very simple (it consists just to be able to set a folder as "archive" and to use "archive" button to move emails to this folder). It is very simple but without this feature, it's not very efficient to use Geary with professional (not Gmail/hotmail) emails (you have to move emails with the mouse).

It seems to me that Geary developpers want to use the need of this feature to raise money. One could think it is the reason why this feature request was open since so long (feature request created in 2012).

I have no problem to donate money. I have more problems to (financially) support a feature which doesn't require a lot of work.

Geary developper, just ask if you need funding, don't haggle a key feature for money!

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Date: 2015-03-17 16:45 GMT+00:00
Subject: [Bug 712972] Archive for non-Gmail servers
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Comment # 6 on bug 712972 from Federico Bruni
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