[Geary] inbox zero on non-gmail account

Hi all

I started using Geary hoping to get rid of my Gmail account, but there are still some limitations for non-gmail accounts that prevent me to do the final switch. These limitations are about productivity and not any fancy feature. In particular, I'd like to be able to process the emails in the way the "inbox zero" (or "empty inbox") strategy suggests.

So, first of all, what I'm  missing most is the archive action:


Not supported yet, but I think that I can achieve something like that with SPECIAL-USE?

Can somebody explain how to do it?

Secondly, if I could make archiving work, would I be able to set the label filtering on the server and still have the archive action working? In other words, can a thread be marked with a label and be archived? This is how my Gmail works: most of the incoming emails get an automatic label and when I archive them (i.e. move them away from the inbox) I can still find them on their specific label and in the All mail label (the archive label).

Finally, another concern for my final switch is the possible lost of all my emails. As local backup is still an open issue:

is it possible to recover the emails from geary database and send them back to the server?

Thanks in advance for any hint

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