[Geary] No "answered/forwarded" Flags in Geary

With Thunderbird or mutt, I have a little flag next to the subject of a email which indicates if I did reply/forward to a email.

In Thunderbird, this flag is a little blue arrow (to indicate you replied the email) or a orange arrow in the other way (to indicate you  forwared the email). See the screenshot (not one of mine) attached. In mutt I have "r" which indicate I replied.

None of these two flags are displayed in Geary. I really think Geary should support this flag feature. It allows to quickly see if you already reply/forward emails without going to the send folder. And when you use Geary and thunderbird, you could easily forge you sent some emails with Geary because you aren't seeing the flag in thunderbird...

I didn't see any bug related. Should I open one?


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