Re: [Geary] engine/How to add a mail account for geary?

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 3:54 AM, 中川祥 <matyapiro31 gmail com> wrote:
I am nouveau at geary development and working with bug #714877.
I've read geary source ,but it is complicated so I don't find it out the way to adding an account.

You can add an new account by calling GearyController.validate_async() with the appropriate account information. But the AccountDialog already does that an an appropriate place. Once there's a way to specify a UOA-defined account in the AddEditPage, I would expect that to work without too much futzing.

Before you worry too much about that, though: If you're new to the Geary source and you're finding it complicated, 714877 is probably not the best bug to start with. It cuts across the client and the engine code and will require a number a different parts to all fit together. You'd probably be better off starting with a smaller bug, to get some familiarity with the source. 747893 might be a good place to begin.


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